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So Frank and I are using our real names.  As Frank put it, “I think people we know will figure it out, so it might be a little stupid to use a nickname.”  He only said this because I would not let him be called Fonzi or Grand Master Funk.

Frank is my soul mate and the best father I could imagine for our two girls.  We have been together since he hit on me on that fraternity house lawn.  I am blessed to have his support and love.  He is sharp and witty and definitely lightens me up.  I might be a smidge intense. I do have a tendency to tell him that he is lucky I don’t have an addictive personality because he might be a bit of an enabler.  But hey, he boosts my ego when Coco gets done with me.

My two girls are using aliases because, well, they requested it.  I like to think this is because I have beaten cyber-safety into their heads so deeply, but really I think it is to avoid embarrassment.  Coco clarified just this morning that I was not to use any photos of her on the blog.  So enjoy my pictures of spider webs, cats, and sunsets.

So, Coco is 15.  I think she really picked the name Cocoa because she loves chocolate, but I changed it to Coco because the girl has style.  She is a preternatural force.  She brought me to my knees as an infant with her colic and sometimes we question if the colic ever ended.  She is a musician, an athlete, an actress, a writer, and a first class student.  God gave her to me to keep me in my place.  You should thank her too, because she keeps me from thinking that I am all that and a bag of chips.  I am happy and blessed to know her.  (She is exactly between Erin’s Ace and Biddie).

Jellybean is 13.  She wasn’t really happy with any of this blog stuff, so I think Coco picked this out for her.  As Jellybean said, “Is this how this blog thing is going to go?  You stealing my genius?”  She is a girl you want as your friend.  She is kind, but not sappy, and definitely has a bit of the imp about her; just ask the cat.  She is fun with a silly sense of humor, but has a well-defined BS meter.  She is happy to be with a group, but can go and do her own thing without forcing the group to conform to her.  She brings her determination to her sports, her Legos, and her schoolwork.  Jellybean just gets it done.  Her laugh has brought me joy from the first moment I heard it. (Jellybean is the same age as Erin’s Charlie).

This is my crew.  And this is our blog. Enjoy.

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