Erin’s Story

I’m Erin, mother to five, wife to Steve, friend to all.  Seriously, I am friendly to a fault, a little hyper, and always up for a game. I am the Labrador Retriever of Women.  People always think they have met me before.  I hear more times than I can count, “Oh, you remind me of my cousin, my aunt, my best friend from third grade”  or “I know I know you from somewhere”.  They do not. There’s just something about me. I can also be a major Pollyanna. In fact, my propensity for always putting a positive spin on things has forced my posse into using Pollyanna as a verb, as in “Don’t Pollyanna out on me, Erin!!”  I also have a great need to quote things which my sweet friend Ellen allowed room for on our blog.

I am an avid reader, and if I were independently wealthy, I know I would own a bookstore.  I recruit my friends to take crazy trips into The Great Beyond with me every summer (we will definitely write about this on our blog), because I am a major nature junkie.  If camp counselor were a career choice, I would soooo do that.  Among the things I love besides my family and friends, count movies—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and my camera too (it goes everywhere with me).  I have great friends from all stages of my life and a supportive, sweet, slightly cracked family that seems to love me anyway.

From a biographical point of view, I grew up as the oldest of 4 kids, my siblings and I really enjoy each other, and I didn’t know how weird this was until I was much older.   In college, I studied Biology, Political Science, and Writing—the ultimate Save the World degree (still wanna do that, BTW).  In addition to my diploma, I left college with Steve, and have been happily making my way through this world with him ever since. I was briefly an Eighth Grade Special Education Teacher which seems a great fit for my personality and skill set. I would have done that for a long while if our five year plan wasn’t radically altered when we got pregnant on our honeymoon.  I currently teach middle school computer science and do reading intervention as well for grades 1 through 7. The rest is history and fodder for the blog.



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